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  • UX5000 Phone System
  • SV8100 Phone System
  • Benefits of Univerge®
  • The UX5000 Communications Server is a comprehensive integrated solution designed to meet the unique challenges of both business telephony applications and VoIP. This top performance system supports pure peer-to-peer IP telephony connectivity and advanced networking, - all from one system! It allows your organization to bring together voice and data networks and benefit from the cost-saving advantages, convenience, and ease of use afforded by networked telephony systems. VoIP provides seamless internal and external communications and access to advanced data and productivity tools. By integrating diverse hardware components and software applications, NEC brings control of telephony features and related call information right to the user’s PC, and provides advanced CTI throughout your organization. Reduce costs and improve network efficiency by transparently sharing communication features and resources between branch or remote locations. Share voice mail and other applications for additional cost savings.

    For those who need digital telephony such as PRI service, the UX5000 offers an economical solution to adding traditional telephony features to your IP system.

  • The UX5000 offers a robust feature set that includes:

    • ACD
    • Multimedia conference server
    • Desktop Software Suite
    • Instant messaging
    • Video conferencing in via softphone
    • Presence
    • Bluetooth hub adapter
    • XML open interface support
    • Internet radio via IP multicast
    • Downloadable ring tones
    • Secure mode
    • E911 compatibility
    • SIP
    • A variety of mobility solutions
    • A range of messaging options, including voicemail, fax and email sent to multiple devices

The UNIVERGE® SV8100 is a unique communication solution for up to 500 extensions. It improves business performance significantly by making an entire workforce more reachable wherever they are based. Part of the UNIVERGE®360 portfolio, the SV8100 creates ‘360-degree communication’ encompassing fixed, mobile and converged communication such as e-mail, presence and instant messaging.

  • Support for both VoIP and traditional voice
  • Offered in both 6 slot, 19-inch stackable chassis and 9,5-inch 3 slot chassis configurations
  • 512 IP stations
  • 32 TDM ports
  • 200 trunks
  • Embedded applications including voicemail, Automated Call Distribution (ACD) and mobile extension

SV8100 is ideal for small businesses.
It is designed to help solve today’s communications challenges and offers the ability to expand as your business grows in the future.

Variety of Telephones to Meet Your Requirements

NEC Unified Solutions Univerge digital telephones are available in a Digital 2 Button Telephone, 22 Speakerphone or LCD Speakerphone, 34 Button LCD Speakerphone, 34 Button Super Display Speakerphone, and the Cordless II  900 MHz cordless digital telephone, allowing you to match the telephone to the application. The Univerge allows your people to make more efficient use of their telephones and take full advantage of the systems capabilities, improving communication among your employees as well as with your customers.

Complex Features Made Simple

Sophisticated features don't help if your people won't use them because they're too complicated or cumbersome. That's why the Univerge was designed with the end user in mind. For example, LCD feature prompting makes feature access and use easier by displaying simple options on the telephones LCD screen. And, for the features your employees use most often, user programmable buttons can automatically perform sequences of feature operation at the touch of a button, saving time on every call.

Keep Your Return On Investment Growing

With the NEC Univerge you've got a solid plan for cost-effective growth, controlling operational costs, and increasing productivity.

Modular Growth

The Univerge modular approach to growth and expansion is a cost-saving breakthrough, enabling businesses to upgrade performance and capacity without significant capital outlays.

Migration and Compatibility

The Univerge incorporates a complete migration philosophy, allowing you to reuse telephones throughout the entire Univerge product line.

Add Options When You Need Them

The Univerge lets you add optional features individually at any time, so you get the exact level of performance your business requires. By tailoring the system to your company's individual needs, you're assured maximum productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Whether your business requires Caller ID, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Voice Mail/Auto Attendant, or advanced Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) functions, Univerge offers the right features and options for almost any size or type business.









The Univerge® digital communication systems from NEC Unified Solutions are designed to meet the challenges of tomorrow - while addressing your needs today.  The Univerge® system is feature rich and easy to operate. From four telephones to over 250, NEC has a system that is right for your business.


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